Chaldean History Lectures


Hour Documents Download Audio
Lecture 1 – Ancient Iraq and the Patriarchate of Babylon
October 10, 2012
First Hour – Ancient Iraq Georges Roux – Ancient Iraq Download
Second Hour – The Patriarchate of Babylon and the Magi The Patriarchate of Babylon Download
Lecture 2 – Evangelization East of the Euphrates
October 17, 2012
First Hour – Evangelization East of the Euphrates The Acts of Thomas Download
Second Hour – Parthia or India and the Teaching of Addai The Teaching of Addai Download
Lecture 3 – Relevant Points for the History of the Chaldean Church
October 24, 2012
First Hour – Relevant Points for the History of the Chaldean Church No Documents Download
Second Hour – Edessa and the Aramaic Language Full Notes Download
Lecture 4 – The Fields of the Aposltes
October 31, 2012
First Hour – The Fields of the Apostles Maps of Seleucia Download
Second Hour – Continuation Full Notes Download
Lecture 5 – Individual Roles of The Missionary Team of St. Thomas
November 21, 2012
First Hour – Individual Roles of the Missionary Team Full Notes Download
Second Hour – Particularities of the Mesopotamian Christianity Download
Lecture 6 – Formation of Ecclesiastic Center
The Patriarchal See of Seleucia-Ctesiphon (later Babylon)

November 28, 2012
Formation of Ecclesiastic Center Full Notes Download