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Page One

The Church: A New Kind of Thing 

          The liturgical year is in some sense a study on the whole universe, from the mystery of creation to the most exceptional creature, man, to the man who is God, Jesus Christ, and all he did. This final season of the year is called “the Sanctification of the Church.” Salvation history is the story of the encounter between God and man, and the Church is the culmination of that history: it is the place where man can meet God. Why this is the case depends on what the Church is, and on her relationship to Christ, who is not only the ‘meeting place’ between God and man in his own flesh, but who is both God and man at once. All that the Church is, therefore, depends on who Christ is.

A Succession of Symbols

          When one image is not enough to express an idea, an author is forced to move to another. This sometimes makes for weak poetry. But in the case of the Divine, it is easy to understand the need for mixed metaphors. The Gospel of John begins with a combination of many fascinating images used together: Word, Light, Life, etc. Christ himself is too much of a reality to be encompassed with a single image; the Church, therefore, must possess a similar characteristic. But because the Church only exists – the Church is only the Church – in relation to Christ, then any description of it we offer must include somehow not only a word on her, but also a word on how she relates to Christ, and he to her. Thus the first Basilica Hymn of the Season begins:

O Lord, behold your Church, saved by your cross,

The first defining thing about the Church, therefore, is that she has been saved by the cross of Christ – that is, by his passion and death. The same idea is enriched with another image:

and your flock bought with your precious Blood,

Now the Church is shown not only as an individual but as a collection – a ‘flock,’ which was purchased by the Blood of Christ. The response on the part of the Church (again, this is a matter of relation, which moves in two directions) is a particular type of thanksgiving:

offers a crown of thanksgiving in faith to you,

A crown is the reward given to a champion who has won a contest and the hearts of those watching; but here it is one of “thanksgiving,” because by winning the contest the Champion has won not his own freedom but the freedom of the spectators, of those around him The hymn continues:

O High Priest of justice who has exalted her by your abasement.

The image is taken from the letter to the Hebrews: “For we have not a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.” (Hebrews 4:15). This gives insight into the role of Christ: he offers her this salvation by lowering himself for her; he can offer sacrifice to God on her behalf as her High Priest because he is near to her. Exactly how near he is to her is made clear in the next image, one which will become the predominant one for the rest of the Season:

And, like a glorious Bride, she rejoices and exults in you, O glorious Bridegroom.

The Lord is as close to the Church as a husband is to his wife – in fact, even closer, since husbands are told to look to Christ as their example (Ephesians 5:25). 


           But the Church is no simply heavenly reality or mere idea or image. She is an earthly institution with flaws and enemies, and so there is a petition at the end of our hymn for Christ to:

In the strength of the Truth, raise the bulwarks of her salvation,

We are not speaking, therefore, of a totally perfected and glorified Church, but of one still in need of prayer here on earth. The hymn ends with perhaps the most visible element of the Church, which again is revisited in later hymns during this season: the priesthood. The Church at the end becomes a mother, one with many children, children who need help and protection in this world:

and establish priests within her, to be ambassadors of peace on behalf of her children.

Page Two


First Communion Celebration at

St. Matthew Catholic Church, Ceres – CA


What a historic and monumental day it was on Sunday September 19th, 2010. It was the first time ever that St. Matthew Church celebrated First Holy Communion. There were 21 precious participants in the first ever First Communion. The 21 participants were taught Catechism by our Priest, Fr. Michael Barota for about four months. Nora Hana and Ashour Adam helped with the preparations and teaching. Our kids learned about our Faith, the seven sacraments that our Lord Jesus Christ instituted for the Church and us. And on Saturday, September 18th, our kids (many for the first time) received the Sacrament of Penance/Confession. On Sunday September 19th, the kids began the Mass with a beautiful procession singing along with the choir, in addition, singing our liturgical hymns like “La Khu Mara” and “Qaddysha Alaha”.

Fr. Michael read the gospel, then he greeted them and asked them about the Sacraments. One by one, all the kids were answering correctly as the entire parish applauded them. All the kids all knew that they had already received three of the seven sacraments, Baptism, Confirmation, and Penance and were about to receive the fourth, The Holy Eucharist. After the Homily, the Mass continued and the kids recited the
Profession of Faith or the Nicene Creed. Before the kids received the Holy Eucharist, they recited: The Act of Faith, The Act of Hope, and The Act of Love. Then one by one, they received the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. If only you could see their faces and the faces of their parents, it was priceless. After words, the kids recited: The Act of Worship and The Act of Thanksgiving. They also recited the Renewal of Baptism Promises. The Mass concluded by one of the kids leading the Hail Mary prayer.

After Mass, the kids were greeted by their parents, families, and friends. A beautiful group picture was taken with our Priest, Fr. Michael Barota. Then the kids all entered the hall and were surprised and greeted by the sounds of Zurna Dawula. The Hall was beautifully decorated by the Holy Family Committee who prepared delicious breakfast. The day ended with the kids receiving a certificate, gifts, and a big cake in honor of their First Communion.

God bless all the kids who participated in this joyous occasion and God bless their families & friends, & all the members of St. Matthew Church for this great achievement.




Page Three


Fr. Michael Bazzi
“Citizen of the Year Award”


( - On October 15, 2010, Fr. Michael Bazzi pastor of St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral in El Cajon, CA, was recognized & awarded by the law enforcement officers of San Diego County Lodge 10 The Fraternal Order Police. The annual golf tournament event was hosted at Cottonwood Golf Club in Rancho San Diego, El Cajon, CA. Officer Kevin McQuillen (President of Lodge 10) presented the Award in the presence of His Excellency Mar Bawai Soro and a of a number of Chaldeans & non Chaldeans.


Part of the Speech of Fr. Michael Bazzi:


            Thank you all so much for your trust and confidence in me. I am so honored and humbled for the reward you granted me. I wish that you gave it to so many of those who are working in public services day and night in San Diego. This reward is for all Chaldeans who worked so hard to give back to our beautiful country, America. Life is worth it when you are wanted. There are two words which influence my daily life: love and service: Love is self giving, never is self seeking, never asks for favor or waits for a reward.

Service is part of it, because you love therefore you serve; the good you do, it comes back to you. I tried to keep a low profile about my work with the community, because I learned from Jesus who said “Whatever you do, do it for the glory for God, when you help others do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, keep your deeds of mercy secret, and your Father who sees in secret will repay you.” But Lieutenant Kevin McQuillen insists to cause me today to lose my reward from heavenly Father. Here I am receiving it from you. I will pray for you. God bless you. I want to tell you that I see in every person Christ, so I can love and serve not only the Chaldeans but every person in need.


جائزة (مواطن السنة) للأب ميخائيل بزّي راعي كاتدرائية مار بطرس للكلدان


في ١٥تشرين الأول/أكتوبر ٢٠١٠ مُنح الأب
ميخائيل بزّي
(جائزة مواطن السنة) لمقاطعة سان دييكو، كاليفورنيا، تقديراً لخدماته الوافرة والمتعددة لعدة سنين للشعب الكلداني الامريكي، من قبل  رئيس الضباط كيفن مككويلين في رانجو سان دييكو، كاليفورنيا بحضور سيادة الأسقف مار باوَي سورو، وعدد غفير من الشعب الكلداني والأمريكي. إنه لشرف عظيم لحصول الأب ميخائيل بزّي على هذه الجائزة كأول مواطن كلداني في مدينة سان دييكو من قبل مقاطعة سان دييكو ودائرة الشرطة، حيث تقبلها الأب ميخائيل بإمتنان

وتواضع شديدين، وقال إن هذه الجائزة تعني لنا الكثير، وخاصة انها تتعلق بالتنمية وحياة المواطن. وأضاف ان هذه الجائزة تتحدث عن إسمنا وتطلعاتنا، وترمز إلى كل كلداني في سان دييكو، واكد أن هذا التقدير يمثل حافزاً إضافياً لمواصلة المسيرة ولتحقيق المزيد من النجاحات لشعبنا الكداني الامريكي.


- نوال الكاتب، المركز الاعلامي الكلداني




Opening of St. Peter
Chaldean Educational Center

إفتتاحية المركز التربوي الكلداني
في سان دييكو


(كلدايا نت.) عندما تتحول الأقوال الى أفعال، والأحلام الى وقائع والأمنيات الى حقائق، عندها نعرف أن المركز التربوي الكلداني قد أفتُتِحَ في حَرَمْ مُجَمّعْ كاتدرائية القديس بطرس في مدينة
سان دييكو يوم

بدأ الأحتفال بالقداس الإلهي الذي أقامه سيادة الأسقف مار سرهد يوسب جمو بحضور الأسقف
مار باوَي سورو وعدد من الكهنة والشمامسة وجموع من الشعب المؤمن رجالاً ونساءاً شباباً وشابات، وأرتجل سيادته عظةً قيمةً إيمانية مستعرضاً فيها مراحل بناء المشروع وأهميته القصوى لرعاية النفوس وتثقيفها كنسياً ولاهوتياً وإعدادها لتتمكن من التمسك بإيمانها المسيحي وتراثها الثقافي التربوي الكلداني الصحيح وأشاد نيافته بالأب المحترم ميخائيل بزّي راعي الخورنة لما بذله من جهود في إنجاز هذا الصرح الكبير وثمّن سيادته مشاركة الشعب المؤمن الذي ساهم بسخاء منقطع النظير بالأموال اللازمة لتكاليف المشروع وهذه أول مرة لا تستدين الكنيسة لبناء هكذا مجمع بل تمّ بفضل الخيّرين من أبنائها البررة فَحَقَّ الشُكر والتقدير لكل من شارك في هذا العمل الكبير،وبعد إنتهاء القداس حُمِلَ الصليب المقدس وبدأ (الزُياح) يتقدمه الأساقفة الأجلاء والكهنة والشمامسة يتبعهم الشعب المؤمن وهم يرتلون متجهين الى بناية المركز التربوي الكلداني، وعند الوصول تم إفتتاح البناية من قبل مار سرهد ثم دخل سيادته وكل المؤمنين الى المركز بالتراتيل الكنسية الكلدانية الجميلة وهو يرشم الماء المقدس على كل الغرف والقاعات والممرات في البناية الجديدة. وبعد الأنتهاء من هذه المراسيم بالتصفيق والهلاهل إتجه الجميع الى قاعة مار بطرس الملاصقة للمركز التربوي لتناول العشاء، وهنالك ألقى حضرة الاب ميخائيل بزي كلمة عبر فيها عن سعادته وشبهها بالطفل الذي يكبر يوماً بعد يومٍ. تمنياتنا القلبية من رب المجد يسوع المسيح وبشفاعة مار بطرس الرسول أن تعاد مثل هذه المناسبات في المستقبل القريب لمشاريع أخرى قادمة بعون الرب الإله...



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