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Celebration of the Holy Cross

May your Cross Rule in Heaven, may your Cross Rule on Earth, and may your Cross Crown the Assemblies who Confess your Cross.

Truly a blessed evening it was celebrating the Feast of the Cross at St. Peter Cathedral. After the conclusion of evening prayer, His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo celebrated a High Mass for the anniversary of St. Helena, the mother of St. Constantine, in finding the Blessed Cross of Jesus. The beautiful Mass was then followed by a procession from the Cathedral up to the Shrine of Mary just outside the Cathedral while carrying a large cross and standing it next to the shrine.

As everyone gathered next to the shrine one by one, they all were rejoicing in prayer near a lit fire in resemblance of the days of Constantine. His Excellency then blessed all in attendance with a prayer of Christ on the Cross. Today is a celebration of the peace brought about by the cross of Christ, both in the soul and in society.