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A Call From God

Three new deacons ordained as well as 42 new lectors and servers blessed

On Friday evening, December 12, 2014, over 40 men and women were blessed as lectors and servers, followed by the ordination of three new Deacons. The Mass began at 6:30pm in St. Peter Chaldean Catholic Cathedral and was celebrated by His Excellency, Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo. Many of the clergy of both St. Peter Cathedral and St. Michael Chaldean Catholic Church as well as St. Paul Assyrian-Chaldean Church were in attendance to support the members of their faithful who were blessed or ordained that evening. Of the total 45 men and women who presented themselves, 3 were ordained Deacons,and 21 men and 21 women were blessed as Lectors or Servers.

During his homily, H.E. Mar Sarhad spoke of how each individual has a call from God. It was in response to this call that so many men and women presented themselves for service in the church either as lectors, servers, and even Deacons. At the end of the Mass, the entire group gathered on the altar for a group photo before heading to St. Peter’s Hall for refreshments and more pictures.

Congratulations to our newly blessed Lectors and Servers as well as our new Deacons. Pictures can be seen below.


Sabah Hana

Pauls Rayis

Gabriel Sako

Male Lectors

Anthony Barno

Athyr Barno

Eithar Gaggi

Karim Gello

Qaryaqos Khammi

Lamee Qaryaqos Matti

Marsen Matti

Salim Najman

Peter Patros

Samer Salem

Salim Shaya Yousif

Samer Shamasha

Sabah Zilfa

Male Servers

Hikmat Mekha

Essa Yousif

Salem Kakoz

Salim Shemoon Dawood

Hanna Yousif Hanna

Butrus Hanna

Faeq Soloqa Matti.

Andrew Hermiz

Female Lectors

Suham Dawood

Yazi Kakoz

Paulina Khairo

Faith Konja

Ibtisam Madalow

Suhim Mati

Layla Mona

Marlene Naoom

Nidhal Saliman

Abrey Zora

Female Servers

Fectoria Kalo

Najeeba Hakeem

Samira Semaan

Amera Gorgees.

Amera Shamasha

Sooad Aleshaa

Najat Disho

Noor AlHuda

Samira Healu

Suham Poota

Selma Nissou