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  • The Liturgical Year of the Chaldean church is split into a number of “Seasons”. Each season has it’s own emphasis and readings that go along with it. The readings are available in both English and Chaldean. Subara/Advent and [...]
  • We are currently in the Season of Slywa/Cross   The sermons for Sundays have been organized according to Liturgical Season and year. Subara | Advent Dinha | Epiphany Sawma | Lent Qyamta | Resurrection Shlyhe | Apostles Tyawutha [...]
  • The “Basilica Hymns” or ‘onyatha d-basaliqe are the proper hymns for Ramsha, or Evening Prayer, in the Church of the East. They are deep reflections on the meaning of each Sunday and Feast Day, and therefore of each liturgical [...]
  • Ba’utha – The Supplication of the Ninevites A special mini-season is the three day emulation of the Supplication of the Ninevites, remembering the preaching of Jonah to the city of Nineveh. This penetential celebration was added to the [...]
  • 2016 Liturgical Calendar The 2016 Litugrical Calendar is available for sale at all St. Peter Diocese Parishes. Coinciding with Bp. Sarhad Y. Jammo’s latest edition to his Chaldean Pillars series, Constituting the Kingdom, the 2016 Liturgical [...]
Chaldean Liturgy

Identifying the Chaldean Culture

Yesterday evening concluded the lectures on Chaldean History and Liturgy which were given by His Excellency Mar Sarhad Yawsip Jammo and others throughout the last few months. [...]

Fourth Sunday of Subara (Advent)

2016 Liturgical Calendar